Karate Fighter Real Battles
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69 K player




Play as a karate master and fight against waves of warriors ! Are you able to raise the most epic martial art challenge ? This game will require skills and speed to fight against tons of karateka coming from both side of the screen. Play as a shadow karate master. Use all the Karate's katas, the KARATE-DO in this ultimate fighting game. Boxe and battle your enemies, and they will do it. You must become a fighting tiger to survive. This is not Kung Fu, wrestling fights or boxing..., this is KARATE !!! How to play ? Stand in front of your opponents and start the combat. Each enemy has its specificity and come from both side of the screen. Hit the enemy when it is in your attack range area. A life bar shows your health. GAME FEATURES - Fight against tons of karateka opponents - Amazing graphics - 100 levels - You can unlock tons of weapons and specials PLAY NOW

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